Children are very curious and ask many questions.


They advanced the wedding date.

When will he be freed?

My plan failed time after time.

Do we have to keep this a secret?

Long time ago there was a great king in that country.

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Marc won't be able to do everything Tait asked him to do.

Look at that knight on the horse.

On arriving in the town, he went straight to see her.


Are there any other hotels you can recommend?


I know exactly what I'm going to do.


I always find myself comforting people with the words I want to hear.

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Leigh was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.


I'm not doing it alone.

The house has all the conveniences.

I got stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway.


Hey, wait up.

He saved money for the trip.

Does it look like I can fix this computer?

Conscience grows from language, so be careful about what you write or translate in here.

Let's see what Bradford can do for us.

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They were biting like crazy yesterday.

Nothing is more wretched than a man who traverses everything in a round, and pries into the things beneath the earth, as the poet says, and seeks by conjecture what is in the minds of his neighbours, without perceiving that it is sufficient to attend to the demon within him, and to reverence it sincerely.

Why don't you join the party?


How do I get to Gate 5?

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Can I borrow some money from you?

I tried to get her to tell me.

Can you tell me what this symbol means?

Please change this bill into coins.

It's a marvelous thing to do a play with you.

Cole stared at Troy.

Ranjit is naughty, isn't he?

I can't take any more work.

Shamim told Taurus that he had to leave before 2:30.

That's only half the story.

I wonder if that's even possible.

They're green.

I thought about charging 50 reals an hour.


Some companies have guards at the front desk instead of receptionists.

They will be jealous.

Even though great men flatter themselves with their great accomplishments, they're rarely the result of great planning, but more often of mere chance.

The sun came out.

I was adopted at birth and have never met my mum. That makes it very difficult to enjoy any lapdance.

It seemed that they were telling a lie.

I wonder who he really is.

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Let's watch the game.

I hear you've been asking questions about me.

My father is rich.


Susan isn't going to pass his French class.

Dana is very efficient, isn't he?

Only you, can make the darkness bright.


The key factor of an open door policy is that employees should feel free to approach their boss about any issue that concerns them.

He could not get along with his neighbors.

The emperor returned home in triumph.


Andy has been gone for a few days.

He has been ill in bed for a week.

The room is very gloomy.

The truth can give rise to hatred.

I didn't want to go with you.

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Can't we get them to stop?

Once he got the news of his daughter-in-law's death, he totally freaked out.

I have nothing to worry about.

If I had known it, I would have told you.

Well, I'm not surprised.

Reid wasn't very concerned.

I could hardly close the suitcase.


Your house needs painting.

My blood type is A positive.

I'd like to get medical insurance.

Three candidates ran for President and he was elected.

That was perfectly normal.

The new pope is Catholic and that's not a surprise.

I need a bigger challenge.


Why are you touching your ear?


They sell meat at this store.

It just so happens I do know where Yvonne is right now.

I wish I'd bought a white dress!

What time did you get to bed last night?

They were not listening to music.


The place is apparently deserted.


He hesitated for a second.

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When you're on the way up, your friends find out who you are. When you're on the way down, you find out who your friends are.

Sunil is always complaining about his boss.

Let things take their own course.

Love is stronger than death.

I don't have the desire to tell him the truth.


Vanguard 1 was the first spacecraft to use solar cells. It's the oldest artificial satellite still in orbit around Earth.

Confucius said: "He who does not drink tea is a fool."

Something frightened Panacea.

I'd love to know if my luggage is arriving soon.

A pungent, salty odor wafted from the kitchen.


I quite appreciate it.

Living with Hurf isn't easy.

We've never even seen anything like this before.


I've been trying to wake Belinda up.

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He laid his head on the pillow.

He has nothing to do here.

I can't believe you would allow this.

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The bird's beautiful tail helps it attract females.


Go find her.

The boy bowed to me.

Scott and Suresh don't know that.


"What do you want for Christmas?" "I don't know."

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I know how to make beef stroganoff.

We can't all be like her.

There's one thing you need to know about Ole.

I'd like to suggest you start going to bed one hour earlier.

You are free to use this dictionary.

It belonged to my mother.

Kuldip will be back later today.


I'll take this one.

I will make some coffee.

Eventually it was possible to find a really satisfactory solution.

Why is the door open?

Kimberly bought a hat.

You are welcome to do anything you like.

Why don't you want to come with us?

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Have you heard from your sister lately?

Is that a paper?

I filled in my name on the form.

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I have good eyes.


What's in this box could be worth a fortune.

Why don't you just admit that you were wrong?

No news is good news.

The man at the door wouldn't tell me his name.

They laugh at him behind his back.

Now, Alexander can translate in Spanish.

The weather was as fine as it could be.

He is a proud one, you see.

It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.

You used to love swimming.

I had an idea.

It was just as I thought.

I can't help loving her.

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Laurianne is going to help us.

She wasn't able to meet him.

I cared about her.


I need you to listen.


The question is this: who called her on the phone?

I no longer have the energy to talk.

This is insufficient.

Excuse me; allow me to point out three errors in the above article.

I only hope Jeannie likes Mozart.

I asked after my sick friend.

If we don't finish this job, we'll lose the next contract.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

I cannot agree with you on this point.

When you find yourself in a hole, you just have to dig yourself out.

I just thought Gilles might listen to you.

Cut the paper into two halves.

Let's take the subway.


Try to disassociate all the confounding variables.

You don't want to know!

We really should buy a new car, shouldn't we?


I haven't completely given up the idea.

Audrey didn't sit around waiting.

I spend what time I can spare in reading.


The girl had no one to turn to for advice.