Not everyone's like you.

Like Conrad said, this is a waste of time.

Her English was really good.

Was Bucky dating anyone?

I laugh out loud.

The statue was carved from a block of cherry wood.


I think this is a conversation for a much later time.

Ramiro and Nigel look bored.

I wish I'd called Matthew.


I have lost my pencil.

The replacement for the demolished house was built in record time.

Jayesh drew the sword.

Approximately thirty young people attended.

I study English for one hour every day.

Let's hope Pedro is all right.

Let me say a few words by way of apology.

It is the psychological moment to let the cat out of the bag.

Would you ever consider dating someone like me?


I don't think Amanda will listen to you.

I think it's possible that we may win.

Spy hasn't returned any of my calls.

The smith used the tongs to pick up the horseshoe.

I think it's reliable.

Why aren't you working?

You knew I was married.

Come on inside.

We will talk over the matter later.

I got stuck.

"Our train leaves at 9" - "Don't worry. We'll make it."

Eva won't be staying much longer.

Little girls love telling on their brothers when they've done something wrong.


They don't want you to use it.


The soldiers were sent back to their base.

Roger isn't being very helpful, is he?

I hope you'll pay more attention next time.

He knows how to sell houses.

I see you've been busy.

She wrote to a friend.

Abortion is not an affair of the Church, it's a social affair.

Barbra told me he's not interested in you anymore.

He is likely to be late again.

Blayne's oldest son looks just like him.

Rich forgave Raymond for killing his dog.

Men are not always what they seem to be.

I have a fish tank.

Giles told Kevan that she did the right thing.

They're stunned.

Bernie likes the exercise.

Hillel still isn't happy.

Have a good night.

They're drenched.


I told you, but you didn't pay attention.


Why weren't they there?

We need to make changes around here.

Let's go to a Chinese restaurant.

I like to clean my room.

We could talk about him.

You look very pretty today.

Why is swimming not permitted here?

Blue jeans are a symbol of America.

Who is that young woman?

Impulsiveness is the devil.

Elsa and Wendy stared into each others' eyes.

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When you want to say "I promise", if you say "koko ni chikaimasu" you'll sound more like a native.


The news isn't good.

I'm never free on Mondays.

I'm very proud of my son.


Rudolph talks about Ritalynne almost all the time.

Joni went upstairs to his room.

We must know. We will know.

The cicada has represented insouciance since antiquity.

In addition to being a pianist, she is a painter.


Jill noticed the door was unlocked.

Did you see the accident with your own eyes?

You are a good cook, aren't you?

I'll buy some ice cream.

No one seems to know why Root isn't here.

I have my supper at a quarter past seven.

It's not the sort of illness that puts your life at risk.

Andy must have practiced very hard.

We're not in touch with Jianyun.

How did all this come about?

Who ate all the pies?


He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

What is your second question?

Hello, beautiful!

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I took a cottage for the summer.


Are you sure this is the right way to do it?


I heard that you became the manager of the Sydney branch.

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I'm not finicky.

We recommend cutting off all further contact with the rebels.

Could you go to the store?

Knudsen was lured into a trap.

I was hardly able to see it.


I suggest you let Juliane do what he wants to do.


Sanche is writing a book.

Elliot stabbed Sanford with a hunting knife.

I like being with Starbuck.


That is different than what I had expected.

I'll lose weight.

I won't drink any more! Nor any less.

I heard a helicopter flying overhead.

My parents are crazy.


Thank you so much! I am alive.

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I'm kind of excited, too.

At least you pulled a guy.

Nursing insurance covers drawing up the care plan and other work supporting home nursing.


I know exactly what you went through.

What's your impression of Nicholas?

Trade increased the country's wealth.

He has done marvels.

Piete doesn't know how to do the crawl.

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Please let me speak first.

Teri doesn't want to live in Boston for more than a year.

My husband really likes to do exercise.


I've been patient all week.

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It looks like rain. We should close the windows.


Somebody loves everyone.


The boy became more eloquent.

I just don't feel that way about you.

This is wonderful.

I expect a phone call this morning.

A canal flowed between two rows of houses.

Malloy just got her hair done.

Do you have a problem with this, too?

This class is composed of 35 pupils.

This fork is dirty.

The Maori language is spoken in New Zealand.

They developed a special computer system and fixed it to his wheelchair.

Amir has no common sense.

We've got to move very carefully.

Phiroze was in a traffic accident.

Brandy is dark and handsome.


Put that away.

Srivatsan is washing dishes.

Which railroad do you prefer to travel on?

His blood is boiling.

Quarantine in progress.

Can you please look the other way?

Isn't that mine?

I can't beat Lanny at chess.

Do you think the Braves will take the series?

We'll have to wait for the next day.

I hope you slept well.

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Apart from his parents, nobody would defend the suspect.

I'll phone them tomorrow when I come home.

I'm not going to leave you.

Should I prepare the coffee?

I will badly miss you if you leave Japan.


People in the United States speak English.


Are you going to the movies?

I can always sleep wherever I am.

Your prayer will be answered.


Rodent won't talk about what happened.

We must think about recycling energy.

I stated the obvious.


I think you might need to slow down.

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I guess I should have known Kanthan wasn't going to help.

We communicate with one another by means of language.

He will never break his promise.


I've been a little worried.

Takeuchi is quite weak.

What? You don't know how to drive a car yet?

I used to do the same thing.

He did it, and in her presence.