It wasn't as simple to do as we thought it was going to be.

How dare he open my letters!

How much of winning an election is down to looks?

It seems like the book store is also closing late.


Attention, Lojbanist!

Brodie walked down Park Street past Leo's house.


After I got all worked up about ordering in English, I walked in the store and they greeted me with "Irasshaimase!" I felt, like, "What the ...?"

Should I tell?

I am not in the least afraid of his threats.

Conrad said that he couldn't possibly eat any more.

I can come back.

Toufic has finally decided that he has to go to Boston.

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.

You have to go to the hospital.

They made a raft by lashing pieces of driftwood together with vines.

Neither of those things happened.

That's really important for me.

I met him three years ago.


She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

When it comes to sweets, I just can't control myself.

For some reason, her husband seemed to dislike that she spoke of me. In truth, she talked too much about me.


I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

Did you hear about Celeste?

Come round to see me at eight tonight.

There was an extra problem: the car wasn't his.

How much damage has been done?

How many people do you need for a rugby game?

Ask Owen to stop doing that.

You said that before.

Dan didn't even want to go there.

It's what I want.

We thought you were sick.


I thought so!

What is a presentation?

There is much truth in what you say.

I didn't know you were married.

It didn't have to be that way.

Tell her that I am sewing.

One of Marc's problems is that he can't read.


I had to stay behind so I could talk to Toby privately.


Have you ever seen a foldable bike?

You're staying with Dorothy, right?

I didn't know you were a member.


The ship touched at Yokohama.

Don't tell me you have a crush on Pamela.

Robots are smarter than humans anyway.

You'll be in shtuck.

Noemi wasn't concentrating.

Whose jalousie is this?

Where is the Irish embassy?

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How did you come by those rare books?

I think it's all right now.

Welcome to Wikipedia.

This is Brian Rock.

They laugh at me, not with me.

Where is her royal highness?

I believe that there's a mistake.


Were you there when it happened?

My daughter is coming home.

It is very pleasant to sail these waters.

Boston is overrated.

When I die, I want to be buried here.

When was the last time you received treatment?

He wasn't exactly a stranger.

Did you and Pria have an argument today?

I wish I could show you how much I love you.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Knut divorced Manny.

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Tai already has one of these.

That's really surprising.

Emirates has five daily flights from New York to Dubai.


She had returned home long before.

No one from Jamie's family attended the wedding.

The pain was very intense.

No one said anything about that.

Kent works on a sheep farm.

It sounds like he made quite an impression on you.

The movie wasn't too bad.


This is the girl that came yesterday.

Esperanto shouldn't replace native languages, but rather just become the second language for everybody.

She started writing novels.


I'm afraid what you're asking me to do is out of the question.

Now I know the whole truth.

Kaneko was so stressed out at her new job that she had a nervous breakdown.


Don't toy with me.

I would be happy to do so.

You may have all the time you need.

It's time to open the third wardrobe.

Joni scored four goals.

My grandfather gave me a birthday present.

How long did it take Sanjeev to paint his house?

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Shake the bottle before using.

I'm still your boss.

I was thinking the same thing.

Florian shouldn't have been doing what he was doing.

We don't have any secrets.

Why isn't Reinhard happy?

Who is he like?

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Bullying is a serious problem, but we have to understand that setting out to eliminate it entirely isn't a realistic proposition.


Do you think one person can change the world?

"That man is staring at you." "That man knows style when he sees it."

She's a plus-sized model.

This is of interest to me.

The views of the two politicians collide violently.

We'll have a great time.

Did you say Ariel was going to be late?

I appreciate what you're doing, but I don't think it'll help.

You're not doing anything wrong.

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Whatever the problem is, Holly can handle it.

The investigation revealed him to be a spy.

Antonella quickly reloaded his gun.


The boy plays the piano.

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I know Blake and Ro used to be friends.

In order to return to our era, what should we do?

What can you tell us about Ritalynne's allergies?

I'm not courageous.

Why did you buy so much?


As I entered the room, they applauded.

I had to stop.

He lives alone in his flat.


All but the boy were asleep.

I'll be sticking around town all summer. I just don't have enough money to go anywhere.

First, we have to find out where they live.

Please make my bed.

I might be able to do something about that.

Is this intended for me?

You will succeed in the long run by studying.

Dieter walked through the door.

Someone stole money from me yesterday.

It follows from what she said that he is not guilty.

Steve told me the tale of his travels.


I can understand them.

It's top secret.

By the way, do you play the violin?

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I began to speak.


I put a red mark on the calendar for my birthday.

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It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

The judge sentenced Anatoly to three years in prison.

I was driving to Boston at that time.

Stacey doesn't remember his grandfather.

She likes music better than anything else.


I'm still not really happy.

You can tell Andreas not to worry.

Why is she so quiet?

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Did Marika speak Swedish?


This will serve as a check on their work.


I didn't ask Marvin to go there.

Malus wants you in the conference room.

Hold your horses, young man.


It's time to face the music.


I want to go downtown.


This stone is too heavy for me to move.

I'm not so sure that I like Torsten as much as the first time I saw her.

Can you tell us how that'll work?

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Klaus lathered his face and shaved with a cut-throat razor.


Are you a racist?

I'm not afraid any more.

Did you really make this by yourself?

Giovanni left the final decision to Thuan.

I wonder what is going to happen.

Don't let anyone hear you say that again.

Aren't you tired of doing that?