What toy is big?

She photographed the house.

She finished reading the letter.

In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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I gave up on the idea of buying a house.

The ASEAN nations have come a long way.

May I have a look at that?

What did Sorrel actually do?

I've got a new word processor.

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It's probably safer in the basement.


Is your child a boy or a girl?

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You shouldn't feed chicken bones to dogs.

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Stand up for yourself.

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Call me if you find something.

Kenneth attempted to climb over the fence.

The bee landed on a flower.

I lost my travelers checks.

I don't want to talk to anyone.


Isn't life wonderful?

Dust had accumulated on my desk during my absence.

I think they should put a heavy tax on imports.


Drew likes reading magazines.

I don't believe what Laurie says.

You can let him go.

I doubt his story.

She shook hands with him.

I can't do without tobacco.

They won't get past me.


They really loved each other.

I'm sure Steve had something to do with that.

Eliot's mother is an extraordinarily difficult woman to get along with.


She said that she would come back again, which was a lie.

These are very big apples.

That book contains useful ideas.

I like the beach.

Why are you asking me about this?

In the first place, fashions change very quickly.

Mara ought to be allowed to talk.

Anton is afraid of flying.

Vera had to disassociate herself from her former best friends, who got into drugs.

Angela emptied the wastebasket into the incinerator.

You can't be too vigilant.

I don't like learning irregular verbs.

You can't just walk in here.


It just wouldn't be right.

I'm going to get right back with you.

I care a great deal for you.

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Lum says he's good at cooking.


I have a few errands to run.

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He's a modern boy.

Ask me anything you want.

This is a glass of water.


Samuel translated the contract into French.


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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So we are saving up in order to buy them.

He flushed into rage.

Galen says he'll take care of everything.

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Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.


There is a big cobweb in the corner.

Rahul's husband didn't even stick around until the baby was born.

As heavy as you are, the ice will break.

The wall was riddled with bullet holes.

I didn't expect this question.

I tried to go back to sleep, but the noise kept me awake.

The city is small.

Afterwards, because it was sanctioned by many of the successive dynasties Buddhism became widespread and had a tremendous impact on the development of Chinese thought, culture and art.

Please refrain from smoking here.


We've been wondering where you've been.

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We're butchers.

I only drink water.

What must we do?

Life seems to have been a constant struggle for her ever since she left home.

Lightning does sometimes strike the same place twice.

There is evidence of superstition in our world.

I'm peeling the celery and the potatoes.

I don't remember where I bought it.

Did you ask the price?


Spock isn't in the mood for this.

You must stop gambling.

We are sleepy.

Last night was unusually cold.

I'm going to go out this afternoon.

I keep asking myself that same question.

The gate was open.

Roderick never gave up.

We carry the responsibility for the losses.


I thought Irfan would want the work.

How much does a kilogram of apples cost?

Many politicians don't keep their promises.

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Well, it's worth a try.


Don't fire Francis.

The salad is very salty.

She can't make that decision.

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Pascal knows that it's dangerous to play with scissors.


The sun will also shine for us.

Does this please you, or do you want something else?

Semen is worth bottling.

It's not like her to be late.

I caught a glimpse of the other car right before he hit me.

Right now, all I want to do is get something to eat.

What time did you see them?

These boys ought to be sent to a reform school.

The dog breathed with difficulty.

Is your radio new?

I never told the truth to Bryan.

Andries is not the one you should be worried about.

Tell the children I'll be home as soon as possible.


There were three coffee mugs on the table.


Just tell Byron I'll be a little late.

Why didn't you use it?

My computer is connected to a properly grounded outlet.

Summer is almost here.

What do you think of Japan?

I think Mahmoud is hiding from Mariou.

We're going to eat dinner at the Jacksons' tonight.

I need a ladder so I can get up to my roof.

Shall we order?

I've been asked to become the manager.

Is there such a thing as an honest politician?

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Sean walked inside.


It is Monday.

They're taking us for cash cows.

Feast all night and feud in the morning.

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He remained silent, which made her still more angry.


Case said Andy was wrong.

In most languages the verb is an essential part of speech.

Father mostly plays golf on Sunday.

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Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to pass the exam.

We are at home today.

They will have a good laugh when they see you like this.

Whatever you do, do it quickly.

I know that money isn't everything.

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I don't have the time to read that book.

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She sometimes helps her mother.

You don't seem too happy.

I planned a party for them.

I wanted to have had everything my own way.

The key factor of an open door policy is that employees should feel free to approach their boss about any issue that concerns them.

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We should go swimming.


Everywhere were fruits and sweet and delightful flowers.

That man is skinny, but his wife is fat.

I was trying to remember the name of the book.


I'll make them do it.


I want us all under one roof again.


My father recently quit smoking.


I've been trying to find the hotel all day.

I wish I'd been here to help.

Flying against a strong wind is very difficult.

I just want to say I'm glad you're here.

Marvin isn't sure why he's here.

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We'll leave you alone.

Most of the residents on this street are wrong'uns

Dinner will be included.

He rose through the ranks to the top position at the company where he started his career.

Now this is really creepy.

Why didn't you dance with him?

You sound childish.