They got to a village under a hill.

He was short and was losing his hair.


I ask forgiveness.

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No one suspected it.


Daryl picked up the knife.


Don't view opinions and facts as the same thing.


Rees deserved more than that.

God died. We killed him.

In such thin clothes, are you warm enough?

I just want to know why you didn't come over to help yesterday.

Anne saw Raul enter the post office.


If it's possible, why not?

I don't think Gregor has any intention of doing that.

Tell me when he returns.

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Keiko informed him of her safe arrival.

"Helen, I'm shot real bad. I can't carry on much longer if the bleeding doesn't stop."

We're going to see her.

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Ignore him.

She has never visited him.

I never even met her.

People on lower incomes spend a disproportionate amount of their income on rent.

We just want to take them home.

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Your question does not bear on the subject under discussion.

If you drink the water, follow the custom.

I have until tomorrow to finish this.

Could you buy everything you needed?

I'm very sorry about Tracey.

Cyrus had dark circles under her eyes.

These things are complicated.

I could be there by 2:30.

I received the hospitality of the family.

I'm so embarrassed, I want to die.

I thought I heard them come in.

Why haven't you told her yet?

The visitor sat across from me.


Can I use this bike?


Where could I find someone to help me?

I'll be very frank with you.

Don't tell me you're tired already.

We went to Boston last week.

The house went cheap.


This only happened once.

What the hell could be fun about taking pictures of trains?

The medicine did wonders for his health.

I go to work with my neighbor.

After graduation, I thought it was time to travel abroad to perfect my language skills but I had no money.


A rook is a chess piece.

Ronni seems unconcerned.

Sorry, I don't understand.

Are you able to tell the difference between butter and margarine?

Duane became violently ill after eating the dinner that Kari had prepared him.


I'm finally where I want to be.

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Julius is one of my friends.

I don't want to get in the way.

You look just like your mother did when she was your age.

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I'll wait for you in Boston.

Work is a very important part of life in the United States.

I don't think I could explain it right now.


Before I do anything, I'd like to talk to Elric.

Do you care who helps us?

She tore the letter into pieces.

You're kidding, aren't you?

As far as I am concerned I can leave today.

He applied for a position in the office.

He asked me if I liked mathematics.

Try playing this scale.

The bride suddenly laughed.


He is seated by my side.

That isn't good.

He was in a mood of depression.


I'll have to get back to you on that.

I lived in this house as a child.

I major in sociology.

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His nerve staggered me.

We've already done it three times.

I've been saying that for years.

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You will be called Cephas.

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Kurt has nothing to complain about.


You don't think you can win, do you?


They met Antony here yesterday.

She's a yoga teacher.

Raul couldn't open the door.


Roxane is my son's best friend.


I'm not going there to socialize.

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Have you ever ridden a mule?

See if you can find out more about what happened.

Why would people do this?

Ramanan is really popular.

Francisco wants to see you downstairs.

I always catch colds in the winter.

I don't know what you are referring to.


I am natural born master.

Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder.

I don't think I'll have the funds by then.

I'll call them and apologize.

Sometimes the best pork comes from a bad pig.


Is Herve badly hurt?

You hate opera, don't you?

Would you tell her that Jerome phoned?


They crashed.

It didn't make much difference.

I would be very pleased if you did this for me.

I immediately thought of you.

No, but I like going to baseball.

Pat used to talk to me about what he did at work.

Is Joni available?

I'd like to visit America most of all.

The German professor said that at some point I should get acquainted with German punctuation, but after fifty years it is still on my to-do list.

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How can I prevent my cat from killing birds?


Airmail, please.

The silence of the night comforts us.

I know Josh likes basketball.


She's way out your league.

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Show me where the pain is.

I'll watch her.

The politician spoke with an important air.


We can't offer you any money.


A shout in the night frightened me.

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It was during my college years that I took up tennis.

How did you manage that?

You're coming with me.

I keep dreaming about them.

The snow has begun melting.

Somebody was in here.

He was born in Switzerland.


He was promoted to the position of head teacher.

I thought you quit.

Mikael is in the frozen yogurt business.

Be specific.

If we continue in this way, we will collide with the wall.

Run or you'll be arrested.

Let me have a minute with him.

She is disposed to get married.

You don't owe him anything.

I made Hank go home.

I know what Takayuki wants.

You're in trouble again, aren't you?

The door locks automatically.

Because of the rain, we had to eat our picnic inside.

Helen could've done it.


I am not concerned with this.

Janice is back there.

Everybody shut yer traps!


I'm upset about Dori.


I know nothing about this project.

Turkish is about to become the second most used language in Tatoeba, surpassed only by English.

Are you going to remove the nerve?

Grant will never be able to do that.

Stephan looked at Duncan curiously.

How was the universe created?

We'll deal with her later.

She has been married to him for two years.

I'm going to stay with my uncle in Kyoto.


I get everything I want.

I'll ask whether she wants another drink.

I didn't ask you.

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We need permission.