This dresser takes up too much room.

Dan didn't even love Linda.


This church is a very famous and beautiful place.

Socorrito doesn't want to go back to Boston.

Valentin Jackson is the head of our department.

In the Deep Space 9 space station, Odo is a Changeling security chief.

He supposed that you would book seats.

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It's strange, don't you think?

I could see something was wrong.

The boys kept quiet.


Valerie kept silent about the problem.

Kriton doesn't even remember what happened last night.

May I assist you?

Do you have any idea what Phillip was doing in Boston?

He broke with all his relatives.

Do you feel at home anywhere?

Did you get to meet them?

Steve asked Edmond who she thought was the best-looking guy in her class.

I was late because the traffic was heavy.


Sergeant gives me things from time to time.

List couldn't believe that Jussi would really do something that dumb.

He went out without saying goodbye to me.

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We marveled at the little boy's eloquence.


The 456 billion dollars spent in the Iraq war could provide one year's free education for every child in the world.

I think it natural for her to decline his offer.

Were you busy?

Ning knows what he wants to say.

The city hall is in the center of the city.

Bobby seldom eats Italian food.

Pull the foreskin back before putting on the condom.

The leaves are turning red.

How careless you are to forget such an important thing!

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There's really no difference.

Call me at four; I must take the first train.

Yes, I will come with you.

He was absorbed in a manga.

They left it to me to decide on a gift.

I understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

Bernard and Dominic were too tired to work anymore.


I'm sure Kris will appreciate any help you can offer.

I am not accustomed to making speeches in public.

Myrick's leg is bleeding.

It is not good to tell a lie.

Take out your notebooks.

She made friends with him in Boston.

They'll work it out.


Why should it be difficult?

Ramadoss is probably not hungry.

Valentin and Andre couldn't talk to each other then because they didn't speak a common language.

She had fun with it.

He became very dangerous.

I'm sick of her excuses.

Syed said Boston is a nice place.

Why were you looking for Paula?

I'll try my best to finish it in time.


He checked in at a good hotel.


We may miss the next bus but at any rate we'll be there before midnight.

Tanya likes wearing white socks with his sandals.

You have a sore throat and fever.

She is respected by her friends.

He is the least likely to come.

It was very cold, and what was worse, it began to rain.

How long do I have?


We were proactive.

Francois still seems afraid of Derek.

I'll definitely look at it.


Murat has been placed under investigation.

I've got to get them to help.

I need a new bicycle.


How long have you lived in Kobe?


I tried to stop him.

With my telescope I can see Jupiter and six of its moons.

I know why you don't want to go.


It's very small and narrow.

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The train started before we got to the station.


I knew you wouldn't want to do that.

One of the lights is not working. Do you think you could come take a look?

We have the same barber.


You know who I mean.

I don't want you to quit the team.

Martha is trying to calm Ira down.


I beat him at chess.

He may have met with an accident on the way.

He is leaving for New York next week.

Thirteen percent were undecided.

Do you have anything to write?

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I enjoyed myself very much at the party last night.


She burst into tears to hear the news.

We exaggerated.

He hit a ball with the bat.

Can you take us to Starbuck right now?

Would you mind picking up something on the way back?

This word is derived from German.

Annie seemed to remember me.

She doesn't have as much patience as you do.

Cars made in Japan are used all over the world.

The event still remains vivid in my memory.

He teaches maths as well as English.

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Lay the table!

Don't let them scare you.

Stay away from the pond.

The concert was a huge success.

He understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

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The baby needs a diaper change.


His ideas do not fit in with mine.


I couldn't believe it was Carter.

Sometimes I get carried away.

This is the first time I've ever scared a dog away just by shouting.

You forgave me, didn't you?

He is carrying out experiments in his laboratory.

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I need to get some stamps.

He was born in Ohio.

Michel has been in a bad car accident.

I just ate.

I could not sleep well last night, because it was so hot.

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No man is a prophet in his own country.


Sid wants riches and fame.

I'm a little groggy.

You must stop.

The exchange rates for foreign currency change daily.

This is not satisfactory.

Keep in touch with me.

You need to start taking responsibility for your actions, young lady.


Just tell him I called.

An ice pack will numb the pain.

I'm always suspicious of men like him.


Do I have to come home now?


James VI of Scotland is crowned as James I of England.

We rented a cabin by a lake.

It was uncertain whether he would marry her.

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Herod's house is again headed for destruction, destined for the fire.

Do you know where the bus-stop is?

In the next four years, 15 billion euros must be saved.

Will you knit a sweater for me?

Fritz put a piece candy into his mouth.

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How's my wife doing?

This is going to take hours.

"Literally" can literally mean "metaphorically". "Literal" meaning "metaphorical" is also a literal irony.

I found that he was turned over to the police.

I like hugging Ken.

I have no feeling in my left leg.

Nhan often visits me.

The apples which he sent to me were delicious.

Finally, he lost his temper.


Are you telling this story or am I?

One minute he was here, the next he was gone.

Are you sure you saw someone on the bridge?

Ask Himawan if he can speak French.

I think that someone followed me.

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Stefan is in the prime of his life.

This coat is rainproof.

Pedro didn't have to die.

I'd better go talk to them.

Gideon didn't expect the test to be easy.

It makes little difference to me whether you believe it or not.

I don't have time to play games with you.

Can you see where I'm coming from?

The yen appreciated 10 percent against the dollar.

I just need the ring back.

No one is doing anything.


That's of no consequence.

I'll help you escape.

Bill is equal to the task of running the firm.